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Sale! Belling Electric Single Oven - BI60FP
Belling Electric Single Oven - BI60FP

Belling Electric Single Oven – BI60FP

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Belling Electric Single Oven - BI60FP

  • A Energy Rating
  • True Fan Cooking
  • Easy Enamel Liners
  • Large 58Litres Capacity



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Belling Electric Single Oven – BI60FP Stainless Steel

The Belling BI60FP Electric Oven will be an exceptional built-in addition to your kitchen for complete oven cooking.

Even, multi-level cooking

Styled in stainless steel, the Belling BI60FP features a 58-litre fan oven coupled with a variable electric grill so you can cook a selection of foods to your liking whether roasting vegetables or grilling fish and meats. The fan oven allows you to obtain even, multi-level cooking – great for when cooking different dishes on several shelves at once!

Fanned Oven

This distributes the heat evenly through the use of an integrated fan. It creates an even temperature and keeps those flavours from intermingling – so now you can bake your favourite cake at the same time as your cut of meat.

It works by drawing in and distributing air through vents, producing an even cooking temperature throughout the oven. So cooks and bakers can use all levels of the oven instead of swapping shelves.

Energy efficient
A-rated for its energy efficiency, this Electric Oven uses only 2-kilowatts per hour of use so you won’t have to worry too much about your bills. This BI60FP Oven also has a fully-programmable timer that allows you to pre-set when your oven turns on and off – ideal for getting a meal cooked for when you arrive home after a long day at work.

Wipe away spills with ease

With easy-clean enamel interior, this Electric Oven from Belling will take care of the cleaning with a simple wipe to clean up those spills inevitably created from cooking up a delicious feast.

Easy Clean Enamel: A specially-designed enamel interior that prevents food from fusing to the surface – allowing you to wipe away spills easily when cleaning.

The Belling BI60FP Electric Oven will finish off your kitchen space perfectly.Once you’ve done the preparation, you can leave the oven to do the rest thanks to its fully programmable timer and The grilling temperature can be altered by selecting a high or low setting, this is ideal for a range of foods, from bacon to crumpets.



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