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Sale! Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer - ENN2743AOW
Sale! Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer - ENN2743AOW
Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer - ENN2743AOW
Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer - ENN2743AOW

Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer – ENN2743AOW

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  • Frost Free Fridge Freezer
  • 50/50 Split
  • Fridge capacity (Gross): 161 litres
  • Freezer capacity (Gross): 108 litre
  • H177.2cm x W54cm x D54.9cm

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Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer – ENN2743AOW, 177cm high white in-column 50:50 split Frost Free fridge freezer, with LCD touch control electronics, 4 freezer drawers, slider fixing, and LED lighting.

Look into every corner of your fridge freezer with modern LED lightElectrolux

With this fridge freezer, you can join the LED revolution. This premium technology sheds bright, clear light into every corner of the appliance. The light level softly rises after you open the door. What’s more, LED technology uses 10 times less energy than standard technology, and will last for the appliance’s full lifetime.

Serve each drink at an icy temperature – even at short notice

There is nothing more refreshing than a chilled drink. And with DrinksChill, it’s not something you need to prepare in advance – at least, not by much. You can prepare a batch of drinks and quickly chill them to serving temperature using DrinksChill. The timer function will let you know when your drinks are ready to serve.

Quick and assured fridge cooling with ShoppingMode

When the fridge door has been open for a while – such as while you unpack your weekly shopping – sensors will ensure that the fridge quickly cools down to the set temperature. As a result, your food is always stored under the best conditions and its freshness is preserved

This freezer stores your food at the right temperature


You can’t check on your freezer every minute of the day. But if the internal temperature rises, you might not know until too late. To tell you if this happens, the TempAlert will sound an alarm and switch on a warning light. As a result, you can relax, because you’ll be the first to know if your food is at risk.

Re-arrange your fridge space however you want


The way you use your kitchen is completely individual, so you need to set everything up in the way that suits you best. This fridge has half-depth glass shelves that can be moved to create more space for tall items. As a result, you can re-arrange the space in exactly the way that suits you best.

Greater flexibility when chilling your food in this fridge


Sometimes you need extra flexibility as much as you need extra storage space. That’s why this half-width in-door shelf provides extra space without limiting your options. You can slide it from left to right if you need to store larger bottles below. In combination with the full-width shelves, this gives you maximum flexibility.


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