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Sale! Bosch Frost Free Fridge Freezer – KGN30VW20G
Bosch Frost Free Fridge Freezer – KGN30VW20G

Bosch Frost Free Fridge Freezer – KGN30VW20G

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Bosch Frost Free Fridge Freezer – KGN30VW20G

  • Frost Free Fridge Freezer
  • 50/50 Split
  • Fridge capacity (net): 186 litres
  • Freezer capacity (net): 66 litre
  • H170cm x W60cm x D55cm

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Introducing NoFrost from Bosch – removing the hassle of defrosting.NoFrost technology and intelligent electronics prevent the build up of ice inside. Making manual defrosting a thing of the past.Plus no ice means less energy is used to keep the right internal temperature.
The NoFrost KGN34VW20G saves you energy by eliminating the build up of ice and frost, so you’ll will never have to manually defrost again, while an excellent A+ energy rating will help you run an economical home.

Reversible door
A reversible door makes this fridge freezer adaptable to your kitchen layout with slim door handles for easy and efficient access, while the removable magnetic seals enable effortless cleaning and easy replacement.

Convenient fridge
Featuring a roomy fridge cavity with 4 anti-spill safety glass shelves, which are super easy to clean and 3 door shelves for added storage.

CrisperBox and MultiAirflow
Introducing CrisperBox from Bosch- keeping foods fresher, longer.
Keep fruit and vegetables in its dedicated CrisperBox, which is designed to preserve their texture, flavour and healthy goodness for up to twice as long.
The CrisperBox is specifically designed to keep your fruit and vegetables deliciously fresh with a variable humidity setting. While MultiAirflow improves the circulation of air in the fridge, so you can be sure your food is always stored in perfect conditions.

Introducing MultiAirFlow System from Bosch – keeping your food fresher from top to bottom.
MultiAirflow cooling system boosts air circulation throughout. So temperature and humidity levels, the most important factors in preserving food, stay even from top to bottom, and from minute to minute.

Spacious freezer
Boasting a freezer that houses 3 transparent drawers, including one BigBox drawer for storing larger or more bulky items. A SuperFreeze setting brings the temperature right down when you add new food, automatically deactivating when the right temperature is reached. As new food is quickly frozen, more vitamins and nutrients are maintained to ensure you are still getting your 5 a day.


The NoFrost fridge freezer with CrisperBox: saves you from defrosting – with separate compartment to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

  • CrisperBox: fruit and vegetables stay fresher for longer, thanks to humidity control.
  • NoFrost: never defrost again, thanks to perfect protection from ice formation – that saves time and effort.
  • FreshSense: 
  • guarantees a constant internal temperature so food stays fresher longer.
  • MultiAirflow System: constant air circulation on all levels – for longer freshness.


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