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Sale! Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer - ENN2853COW
Sale! Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer - ENN2853COW
Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer - ENN2853COW
Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer - ENN2853COW

Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer – ENN2853COV

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  • Frost Free Fridge Freezer
  • 70/30 Split
  • Fridge capacity (Gross): 202 litres
  • Freezer capacity (Gross): 78 litre
  • H177.2cm x W54cm x D54.9cm

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Electrolux Integrated Fridge Freezer – ENN2853COV
Its 177cm high in-column 70:30 split Frost Free fridge freezer, with touch control electronics, LED lighting, FreshZone, Freestore cooling system, 3 freezer drawers, and slider fixing.

Intelligent FreeStore®: Store any fresh item anywhere in the fridge

Feel free to store any item of food in any area of the fridge you choose. The Intelligent FreeStore® system automatically evens out the temperature and humidity throughout the fridge so that storage conditions are identical everywhere. So wherever you put an item, it will still be just as fresh whenever you’re ready to serve it!

 Never defrost with this energy saving fridge freezer

With this fridge freezer, you will make savings for yourself – in terms of time and money! Its FrostFree system saves you from spending time defrosting your freezer, while its energy-efficient technology has earned an A+ rating for energy use. And that guarantees its leading level of energy efficiency.

Look into every corner of your fridge freezer with modern LED light

With this fridge freezer, you can join the LED revolution. This premium technology sheds bright, clear light into every corner of the appliance. The light level softly rises after you open the door. What’s more, LED technology uses 10 times less energy than standard technology, and will last for the appliance’s full lifetime.

Refrigerator that keeps your vegetables fresh and crisp

Texture is just as important as taste for professional chefs. To make sure your food’s fresh texture lasts longer in your fridge, store fruit and vegetables in this dedicated drawer. Its humidity control keeps everything fresh and crisp for far longer – right up until the moment you need it.


  • Fridge capacity (gross): 202 litres
  • Freezer capacity (gross): 78 litres
  • Frost free
  • Automatic defrost in fridge
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Intensive cooling with auto switch off -for fast chilling of fresh food
  • Large capacity food storage space
  • 2 salad drawers
  • Electronic temperature controls with
  • LCD display
  • 1 half width sliding door shelf
  • 3 full width door shelves including
  • bottle shelf
  • 1 full width covered dairy compartment •4 star freezer
  • Visual and acoustic high temperature
  • alarm
  •  freezer drawers


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