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AEG 60 cm Induction Cooker - CIB6740ACM The Appliance Centre NI

AEG 60 cm Induction Cooker – CIB6740ACM

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Product features

  • Width: 60 cm
  • Two electric ovens
  • Integrated electric grills
  • 4-zone electric induction hob
  • Main oven cleaning: Catalytic liners

£999.00 £799.00

Top features:

– Electric induction cooker makes cooking precise and responsive

– PlusSteam has your baked treats coming out perfectly

– Cataluxe system takes the hard work out of oven cleaning

– Flexible and easy to use

Electric induction cooker

When you pop your pots and pans on the AEG CIB6740ACM 60 cm Electric Induction Cooker, it’ll heat the actual cookware itself instead of the hob surface. This way you can get exactly the right level of heat you need – great for simmering a pot of pasta sauce or getting a perfectly seared steak.

You can grill and oven cook at the same time using the Turbo Grilling feature to make sure you get delicious results. By circulates heat evenly around the oven, you can enjoy succulent meat and evenly crisped potatoes.


The CIB6740ACM’s PlusSteam feature is just what you need if you’re an avid baker. The steam cooking gives all your baked treats a wonderfully golden crust without overcooking the centre, so you’ll get perfect pies and cakes baked just right.

Cataluxe system

Cleaning an oven can be a lot of work. The CIB6740ACM makes your life a bit easier with its Cataluxe cleaning system – catalytic liners in the oven absorb grease and grime, so you can easily wipe away the remaining residue. No more scrubbing away for ages.

Flexible and easy to use

The CIB6740ACM’s OptiFlex Runners give you the flexibility you need to cook different types of dishes. You can adjust the runners inside the oven to accommodate large pots, or lots of smaller ones – useful if you’re making a big meal for family and friends.

And with a clear display it’s always easy to set an alarm timer and check how long’s left before dinner’s ready. You’ll never have to worry about leaving something in for too long.


ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated cooker circuit (identified by a big red cooker switch) by a qualified installer, such as one of our Team Knowhow experts.


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