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Sale! Bosch 8kg Washer Dryer - WVG30461GB
Bosch 8kg Washer Dryer - WVG30461GB

Bosch 8kg Washer Dryer – WVG30461GB

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Bosch 8kg Washer Dryer - WVG30461GB

  • 8kg Wash load & 5kg Drying
  • 1400 Spin Speed
  • A Energy Efficiency 
  • Quick Wash Programme
  • 1 Year Guarantee

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The Bosch WVG30461GB washer dryer is rated A for energy efficiency, which means it’ll help to keep your energy bills low, and features a range of functions to make getting clean, dry clothes quicker and easier.
Need to save time choose SpeedPerfect option to get a full load perfectly clean in just one hour.
Have more time and want to save energy choose EcoPerfect option which uses only around one-third of the energy of a normal cycle. So I make big savings on my electricity bill.
Whatever option you choose, there’s no compromise on outstanding results

This water management system maximises water efficiency and makes the most of every single drop.No water will go to waste with the WVG30461GB. The automatic load adjustment system helps to save you energy and money. You’ll be able to choose how dry you need your clothes and leave your washer dryer to do the hard work.

Your freshly washed clothes will be gently dried until they reach the exact level of dryness you want.

EcoSilence drive
The revolutionary brushless motor this machine uses is fast, quiet and energy efficient. It can achieve maximum power whilst using the minimum amount of energy.The EcoSilence Drive at the heart of the WVG30461GB uses magnets rather than brushes to rotate around the motor. This not only reduces the amount of wear and tear on the parts, but also helps to keep your washer dryer quieter.

The AquaSpa system cascades the water to help it penetrate clothes quickly and give a more thorough wash.

SoftSurge drum
The specially designed drum can wash your clothes either gently or vigorously, depending on your needs. This is due to the unique structure and movement of the drum.

Handy programs
You won’t struggle to find the perfect program for the load you need to wash with the WVG30461GB Washer Dryer in your home. It offers variety of washing programs, and you can choose between two drying levels. You will be able to wash up to 8 kg of clothes, and dry up to 5 kg.
Choose the Allergy+ program to care for those with sensitive skin and allergies. This program helps to remove up to 99.9% of allergens from your clothes – it’s great news for allergy sufferers.

Special programmes
The washer dryer features a range of programmes so you can ensure your clothes get the best wash every time. These include:

  • Down wear
  • Super quick 15
  • Allergy+
  • Hygiene care


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