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AEG Ultraone Deluxe Bagged Vacuum Cleaner – VX9-4-4DB

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  •  Power: 650 Watt
  • Capacity: 5 Lt
  • Energy efficiency class: A +
  • Energy efficiency on carpet cleaning: A
  • Hard floor cleaning performance class: A
  • Dust Retransmission Class: A
  • Noise level: 69 dB (A)

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Extra large Rubber XL wheels

The extra large rubber XL wheels and the ball bearings in the mouthpiece are designed to work perfectly in sync with each other. Together they ensure unhindered movements through your house and across all surfaces.

AirExtreme Technology

The AirExtreme technology inside the VX9 increases energy efficiency by 30% * and delivers a cleaning result without compromise. Provides more suction on the nozzle for maximum dust absorption. * Compared to the 2017 test winner, the UltraOne ZUOGREEN +.

CleanLift handle

The S-Bag® traps dust so that it does not escape and ends up in your house when it is time to vacuum or change the bag. With the CleanLift handle you can remove it hygienically with minimal effort.

3-in-1 Smart Accessory and Parketto Pro Mouthpiece

The 3-in-1 smart accessory is tailor-made for all surfaces and structures. It fits seamlessly into the VX9 and you can easily access it when you want to use it. The Parketto Pro nozzle is extra soft and quiet for hard floors.

Stair Position

The very easy to maneuver VX9 is even suitable for cleaning your stairs. The built-in stair position ensures that the VX9 remains upright and stable when it is on your stair.

  • Bag change indicator
  • Power setting: The power setting lets you use the power you need
  • AEG Telescopic Tube: Now you can adjust the tube length
  • Built-in support slots: Easily park foot in horizontal and vertical position
  • AeroPro Lightweight aluminum tube with optimal airflow
  • Ultra-Performance s-bag with hygienic closure and Dust Retention
  • Soft Bumpers: To prevent damage to furniture and walls
  • Easy-rotate wheels: Easy-rotatable wheels that follow you everywhere
  • Ergonomic handle: Large ergonomic handle and easy to carry
  • Working radius: 12 m
  • Integrated accessories: Aeropro 3in1
  • Color: Denim blue



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